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AquiSense is "passionate about developing solutions that solve real-world problems in water, air, and surface disinfection applications."

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The Next Revolution: UV-C LED Technology

At AquiSense, we use Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to generate high levels of UV-C photons. UV-C photons penetrate cells and damage the nucleic acid, rendering them incapable of reproduction, or microbiologically inactive. This process occurs in nature; the sun emits UV rays that perform this way.  The rays are directed at viruses, bacteria and other pathogens within water and air or on surfaces to render those pathogens harmless in seconds.

Power Supply 110-240V AC 6 - 30V DC Battery/solar option
Wavelength Polychromatic (200-300nm)/Monochromatic (254 nm) Selectable (250 - 300nm) No wasted energy & targeted performance
Durability Fragile glass tube Rugged semiconductor Versatile operation
Architecture Cylindrical tube Point source Versatile implementation
Operating Surface Temperature 100 - 600 °C Same as process water Zero-flow friendly does not promote fouling
Warm-Up Time Up to 15 minutes Instantaneous Extended replacement intervals
On-Off Cycles Max. 4 per day Unlimited Intermittent-flow friendly
Lifetime 5,000 - 15,000 hours 10,000 hours Flexible operation
Mercury Content 20-200 mg None Safe disposal - no special handling

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