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Heraeus offers "UV LED curing solutions and customer specific UV LED curing systems tailored to your process."

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From UV medium-pressure, low-pressure and amalgam, lamps to UV-LED modules and entire UV curing systems, Heraeus' solutions are perfectly tailored to your processes and materials. Their UV technology can be used in water, air, and surface treatment, as well as versatile curing solutions.

Each application requires its own specific UV treatment. Radiation spectrum, UV output, temperature, substrate, illumination length and lamp geometry are all adjusted to the relevant operating conditions. The rays are dispensed precisely and in the correct strength, and are directed exactly where they need to go. This provides you with a far more efficient and effective workflow while also saving on energy and operating costs.


Due to Heraeus' many years of experience and expertise, they know and understand your process - that means they are always able to offer you the best possible solution. Heraeus is constantly seeking to extend our own boundaries and set new standards.

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