The compact grating spectrometer CGS UV-NIR is in a class all of its own. Extremely compact, it is totally in its element when top performance is needed. If you want to measure with maximum quality and optimum efficiency, the CGS UV-NIR from Carl Zeiss is the right solution for you

Product Info

The CGS UV-NIR grating spectrometer is designed for sophisticated measurement tasks and is suitable for numerous applications. Its compactness and the insensitivity to external influences allows it to be directly integrated into at-line, on-line and in-line inspection processes. The variable detector options (CCD or PDA) measure with optimum spectral efficiency to ensure high quality results.

Depending of the application, different variations are available:

  • Slit (as optical entrance) can be customized on request
  • Ready-to-use electronics
  • Blazed, flat-field grating
  • Spherical mirror for aberration reduction
  • Back-thinned CCD or PDA attached to the aluminium housing
  • Interfaces, processing software and support