Concave Gratings

Concave diffraction gratings combine dispersive and imaging properties, making them particulary suitable for constructing compact, stable spectroscopic systems. The concave gratings offered by ZEISS are holographically produced gratings as they are found on a spherically curved surface.

Product Info

Concave diffraction gratings are compounds for modern, compact spectrometers and miniaturized spectrometer modules. They combine dispersive and imaging properties in a single element. This reduces stray light, increases light intensity, and is ideal for imaging the spectrum on a diode array or a CCD sensor. The basic form of all imaging gratings is the Rowland circle grating.

At ZEISS, all concave gratings are produced holographically; this optimize the focal plane and minimize aberrations such as astigmatism, spherical aberration and coma over a wide spectral range with a range of groove profiles.