pearllab beam

The PearLab Beam enables researchers to determine UV Dose response data and is used in leading laboratories around the world.

Product Info

Each bacteria, virus or spore has a unique sensitivity to ultraviolet light. Accurate determination of exposure times and wavelengths is a key step in characterizing cell behavior for any researcher or system designer.  Collimating Beam Devices are a critical tool in providing a standardized unit of measurement for UV exposure.

The PearlLab Beam consists of a UVinaire, controller and collimating tube. Operation is extremely simple; place the Petri dish under the collimator tube, switch-on the desired wavelength(s) and expose the sample for a given time.  Separate Intensity measurements can be made to calculate the UV Dose.

Far smaller and easier-to-use than mercury lamp-based collimated beam devices, the PearlLab Beam is an ideal addition to any laboratory working with UV Disinfection.