Space Gratings

Monolithic diffraction gratings are one of the key components of high sensitive spectral imaging systems in space instruments. These systems display high sensing properties when sufficient spectra is provided. Subsequent advancement of manufacturing techniques of high quality gratings are essential to improve the spectral performance.

Product Info

ZEISS has developed advanced manufacturing techniques to produce monolithic, high groove density gratings with low stray light, high diffraction efficiency and low polarization sensitivity. These gratings are produced holographically in combination with ion beam plasma etching.

Holographic gratings (either for transmission or reflection) can be manufactured as plane and curved elements (convex, concave or free form shape), with in-house produced high-quality substrates and coatings. Real blazed type gratings optimize the efficiency and polarization requirements according the spectral range from UV to NIR.

Environmental and stray light testing emphasizes the gratings’ performance and its designated properties for space flight applications. With considerable expertise in this field, ZEISS has a tradition of of development in numerous projects.